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Easy jQuery form validation and email validator

21 Sep

This is a very quick way to make sure people fill out all fields of a form. It is easy to bypass and is in no way a replacement for server-side form validation, but it's a quick and easy way to prevent invalid form data from being submited. All of the code below requires you to include the jQuery JavaScript library. click here for more information about jQuery
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Captcha Alternative using Flickr API with jQuery / JSON

15 Sep

Intro / Background
As anyone who knows me knows I have an OVERWHELMING hatred toward CAPTCHA and am on an on going quest to come up with the best alternative. In my opinion, any worth-while alternative HAS to work atleast as well as captcha AND being easier for the user. Infact I feel it should be almost effort-less.

What I came up with (this time) is a system that presents a random Flickr image to a user and asks them to identify the image. I'm going to implement this in PHP and probably create a wordpress, drupal, and elgg plugin. However for now I'm going to create it using JavaScript / jQuery / JSON. This will allow me to create a quick functional prototype that should show if this is a practical method of stopping spam. In addition, I just want to explore the use of Flickr API in jQuery as I think it could have alot of pretty cool uses.
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