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[PCT SOBO - Oregon Coast Detour] The shortest distance between two points is often unbearable

03 Sep

After about 3 weeks in Seattle I'm finally ready to head back to the trail. Plan A was to hike the PCT end to end, but after my ankle injury it was on to Plan B: try to jump back on at Snoqualmie (45 minutes from Seattle). I had a ride lined up and was all packed up, but when I woke up my ankle was killing and I had a lemon sized lump on my shin just above my ankle again. So, it was time for Plan C: try to jump back on in another week and a half at Cascade Locks (northern border of Oregon near Portland). Then, half of Oregon caught fire and huge stretches of the PCT were closed so it was time for Plan D: Hike the Oregon Coast Trail instead and get back on the PCT just before California.


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[PCT SOBO - First Week] What matters most is how well you walk through the fire

22 Jul

My first week on the trail has been fun, scary, beautiful, painful, and amazing. I saw the most awe inspiring views I've ever seen in my life, and met a bunch of incredible people. Each day was filled with ups and downs. Some mornings I woke up feeling very excited. Other mornings I woke up wondering what the hell I was doing. Most nights I easily slipped off to sleep without a worry. A couple nights I spent wondering if I'd even be able to walk the next day. Regardless, the middle of each day was consistently filled with wonder, excitement, and hope.


2017-07-16 12.51.16



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[PCT SOBO Day: -2] That moment before the first drop on a roller coaster

12 Jul

The past week has been absolute chaos. It has just been wave after wave of anxiety and excitement. It was the feeling of being "almost done" followed immediately by the feeling that I have a million more things to do that I'll never be able to finish in time followed by "what the hell am I doing?!?" (repeat until insane).

2017-07-10 19.06.28


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