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Get latest status from facebook fan pages in PHP (part 2: multiple entries)

27 Dec

This is a very simple way to get the latest posts from a facebook fan page. I previously wrote a VERY simple guide that just returns the latest single post (as this is all people want a lot of the time). If that is what you are looking for read this guide instead. By popular demand I created this  additional tutorial that will show you how to display the latest 10 posts and display them with date. Also, this code will filter out things posted on your wall by other people and display ONLY things the owner of the facebook page posted.

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Easiest way to get the latest status from facebook fan pages in PHP

09 Nov

So, quite often companies what to show their latest post from their facebook fan page on their website. This should be really simple right. Well it is. However, it seems like most of the world wants to REALLY over complicate it. I searched for this forever and people didn't seem to understand: I don't want facebook connect. I don't need to log in a user. I shouldn't need to load the facebook sdk. I shouldn't need to create a facebook app. There has to be a better way. I thought to myself it's SUPER easy on twitter there has to be something similar for facebook and of course there is.

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Captcha Alternative using Flickr API with jQuery / JSON

15 Sep

Intro / Background
As anyone who knows me knows I have an OVERWHELMING hatred toward CAPTCHA and am on an on going quest to come up with the best alternative. In my opinion, any worth-while alternative HAS to work atleast as well as captcha AND being easier for the user. Infact I feel it should be almost effort-less.

What I came up with (this time) is a system that presents a random Flickr image to a user and asks them to identify the image. I'm going to implement this in PHP and probably create a wordpress, drupal, and elgg plugin. However for now I'm going to create it using JavaScript / jQuery / JSON. This will allow me to create a quick functional prototype that should show if this is a practical method of stopping spam. In addition, I just want to explore the use of Flickr API in jQuery as I think it could have alot of pretty cool uses.
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