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non-fast-forward updates were rejected Merge the remote changes before pushing again

02 Dec

When I first switched from a centralized version control to decentralized (or distributed) version control I ran in to this error:

non-fast-forward updates were rejected Merge the remote changes before pushing again


you just have to –force or use a bare repository they told me.

First of all, don't –force. If you just started using git you almost certainly should never need to use the –force command. If you come across something that requires it there is a good chance that you simply don't quite understand git yet.

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Unable to configure network interface / waiting for network configuration (Bitnami / VirtualBox)

26 Nov

I recently had my computer crash hard while my bitnami Ruby on Rails stack was running in VirtualBox. When I tried to start up the virtual machine again it said "waiting for network configuration" and hung for about a minute. Then it said "Continuing to wait for network configuration for another 60 seconds." Once the system started I noticed it didn't have a ip address assigned and if I typed ifconfig I only got the loopback interface (no network interface to speak of). Luckily, there was a simple fix for this, but it took me a little while to figure out so I figured I'd share it here in hopes others with the same problem will wind up here and I can save you some time.

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Weird javascript / cdata in e-mail fields on wordpress blog possible xss or injection

06 Nov

So I started noticing odd code in the e-mail fields of the comments on my wordpress blog recently and I was certain it was some sort of injection or cross site scripting attempt. It turns out it's not anything like that. It was just the email obfuscation feature of cloud flare. So if you're reading this because you are seeing similar on your wordpress blog in the e-mail fields of your comments and you're using Cloud Flare. Go to Cloud Flare and turn off E-mail address obfuscation under security settings. Problem solved.

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Eclipse No repository found at download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt

06 Nov

Recently I was trying to do some work on an android app in Eclipse and I hit a weird issue where I needed to update to Android SDK 22 or it wouldn't run, but when I tried to update I got an odd error. What was even more weird and frustrating was I got stuck in a weird loop in the preferences pane where it would tell me I had invalid data, but not tell me what invalid data and wouldn't let me click "apply" to change the data. After banging my head against the wall for a while I found a solution and I thought I'd share it here incase anyone else has this issue.


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Get Facebook Access Token for Graph API

07 Jun

Facebook recently updated their Graph API to require an oAuth access token. Here is a quick guide that explains the easiest way to create an access token for your site.

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Simple jQuery script to automatically open external links in new window

05 Jun

Often times on sites it's useful to automatically have any external link open in a new window. This is a very simple solution that just overrides any link that starts with http:// or https:// and forces them to open in a new window. There are obviously other ways to accomplish this but this is the most simple method. This method consists of a simple jQuery function and forces external links to open in a new window. This is useful for any site with unpredictable content when you know you want external links to open in a new window.

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Flush DNS cache

07 May

Most (if not all) modern operating systems keep a local DNS cache some are pretty good at keeping them updated some aren't. Either way from time to time when making DNS changes it is useful to know how to clear your DNS cache. This is just a quick reference of how to clear DNS cache on several popular operating systems.

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VirtualBox Error: has 1 differencing child hard disks

18 Jan

Recently I went to start up my VirtualBox Windows 7 client and I got the following error:

"Hard disk '____.vdi' with UUID {___} cannot be directly attached to the virtual machine 'Windows7′ ('___.xml') because it has 1 differencing child hard disks."

I have no idea what 'caused this error and it took me a lot of searching to find a good solution to it. Since it took me so long to figure out I decided I would post the solution here for my own reference and hopefully to help anyone else that faces the same issue.

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quick php get post request isset function

05 Dec

When checking the values of $_GET / $_POST / $_REQUEST it is often necessary to check them with isset to ensure that they are defined to avoid undefined index warnings. Here are 3 VERY simple functions that every programmer can use to avoid ever running in to these problems.

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Rebuild Plesk Apache httpd.conf configuration file

03 Dec


Whenever you manually make changes on a server running plesk that will effect your httpd.conf Apache configuration file you have to tell plesk to rebuild the httpd.conf file. Luckily it is very easy to tell plesk to rebuild httpd.conf

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