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Weird javascript / cdata in e-mail fields on wordpress blog possible xss or injection

06 Nov

So I started noticing odd code in the e-mail fields of the comments on my wordpress blog recently and I was certain it was some sort of injection or cross site scripting attempt. It turns out it's not anything like that. It was just the email obfuscation feature of cloud flare. So if you're reading this because you are seeing similar on your wordpress blog in the e-mail fields of your comments and you're using Cloud Flare. Go to Cloud Flare and turn off E-mail address obfuscation under security settings. Problem solved.

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Adding auto-fire to a computer mouse (555 timer)

23 Dec

Remember the auto-fire (turbo) button on old video game controllers? This project adds an auto-fire button to a mouse for use with video games or just clicking random things quickly (if thats what you're in to) using no more than a 555 timer, a capacitor and a couple resistors. My goal was to create it as cheaply as possible and without interfering with the normal functionality of the mouse.

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Enable Remote Desktop RDP on Windows 7 Home Premium

19 Jul

If you've ever tried to use a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium as a Remote Desktop host you know the sad truth. You can't! If you ask Microsoft they'll tell you to get Windows 7 Professional (and pay us extra money for it). However, if you're like me I only needed 1 feature from Windows 7 Professional that wasn't in Home Premium, Remote Desktop.

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Easy way to get root on a Netgear Stora

24 Jun

The Netgear Stora is a simple NAS system that allows anyone, even with no tech knowledge, to set up a simple network attached home RAID system. I plugged it in, slapped in a second hard drive, pushed the power button, and copied over my files. It was completely up and running within a few minutes. The Netgear Stora provided me an easy hot-swappable RAID system, but I wanted much more. I knew it was a fully functional, stand-alone, low-power linux server. The obvious next step was to root it.

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