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Weird javascript / cdata in e-mail fields on wordpress blog possible xss or injection

06 Nov

So I started noticing odd code in the e-mail fields of the comments on my wordpress blog recently and I was certain it was some sort of injection or cross site scripting attempt. It turns out it's not anything like that. It was just the email obfuscation feature of cloud flare. So if you're reading this because you are seeing similar on your wordpress blog in the e-mail fields of your comments and you're using Cloud Flare. Go to Cloud Flare and turn off E-mail address obfuscation under security settings. Problem solved.

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Eclipse No repository found at download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt

06 Nov

Recently I was trying to do some work on an android app in Eclipse and I hit a weird issue where I needed to update to Android SDK 22 or it wouldn't run, but when I tried to update I got an odd error. What was even more weird and frustrating was I got stuck in a weird loop in the preferences pane where it would tell me I had invalid data, but not tell me what invalid data and wouldn't let me click "apply" to change the data. After banging my head against the wall for a while I found a solution and I thought I'd share it here incase anyone else has this issue.


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PHP isset vs empty

02 Dec

A very common mistake when first getting in to PHP is to think that isset() and empty() can be used as each others inverse. This is VERY far from the truth and can cause major problems in an application. In this quick article I will explore the differences between isset and empty in PHP

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Easy jQuery form validation and email validator

21 Sep

This is a very quick way to make sure people fill out all fields of a form. It is easy to bypass and is in no way a replacement for server-side form validation, but it's a quick and easy way to prevent invalid form data from being submited. All of the code below requires you to include the jQuery JavaScript library. click here for more information about jQuery
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