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Unable to configure network interface / waiting for network configuration (Bitnami / VirtualBox)

26 Nov

I recently had my computer crash hard while my bitnami Ruby on Rails stack was running in VirtualBox. When I tried to start up the virtual machine again it said "waiting for network configuration" and hung for about a minute. Then it said "Continuing to wait for network configuration for another 60 seconds." Once the system started I noticed it didn't have a ip address assigned and if I typed ifconfig I only got the loopback interface (no network interface to speak of). Luckily, there was a simple fix for this, but it took me a little while to figure out so I figured I'd share it here in hopes others with the same problem will wind up here and I can save you some time.

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Flush DNS cache

07 May

Most (if not all) modern operating systems keep a local DNS cache some are pretty good at keeping them updated some aren't. Either way from time to time when making DNS changes it is useful to know how to clear your DNS cache. This is just a quick reference of how to clear DNS cache on several popular operating systems.

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