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The Oatmeal is Awesome Funny Junk sucks

12 Jun

So, a while ago one of my favorite web comics The Oatmeal wrote a comic about how funny junk steals peoples hard work and surrounds it in ads to make a quick profit. When I read that I thought they were ass holes.

To make matters worse funny junk now had the audacity to send Matt Inman (author of The Oatmeal) a letter demanding $20,000 because his comic supposedly damaged their business. His response was to raise $20,000 for charity and send funny junk a picture of the money before he donates it. Classic. Response to funny junk.

Part of the complaint was that The Oatmeal is stealing rankings from funny junk. Well I think they are assholes so I vote anyone with a blog, tumblr, web site, whatever… posts a link to one (or many) of the oatmeal comics about funny junk with the link text "Funny Junk" in the link text to make sure when people look for funny junk they find The Oatmeal first.


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