Dirt cheap diy adjustable projector ceiling mount

22 Oct

I got a new projector a couple of days ago and I needed to get it mounted. My original idea was to put up a shelf and just set the projector on that, but I didn't want to sacrifice wall space. I looked at some adjustable ceiling mounts on Amazon, but most of them looked really cheap or were way to expensive (no middle ground). I had a cheap one for my last projector and I found myself needing to re-aim and re-focus the projector almost every time I used it. So I decided I could do better.

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Glass and water in 3D using Blender

08 Oct

I recently dove back in to the world of 3D. More accurately you could say I dipped my toe back in the pool. I'm really hoping to do a lot more in the future and get more in to Blender in the near future. To get started I followed a tutorial from Blender Guru and created these images.


The Oatmeal is Awesome Funny Junk sucks

12 Jun

So, a while ago one of my favorite web comics The Oatmeal wrote a comic about how funny junk steals peoples hard work and surrounds it in ads to make a quick profit. When I read that I thought they were ass holes.

To make matters worse funny junk now had the audacity to send Matt Inman (author of The Oatmeal) a letter demanding $20,000 because his comic supposedly damaged their business. His response was to raise $20,000 for charity and send funny junk a picture of the money before he donates it. Classic. Response to funny junk.

Part of the complaint was that The Oatmeal is stealing rankings from funny junk. Well I think they are assholes so I vote anyone with a blog, tumblr, web site, whatever… posts a link to one (or many) of the oatmeal comics about funny junk with the link text "Funny Junk" in the link text to make sure when people look for funny junk they find The Oatmeal first.


Comic Sans EVERYWHERE for chrome released

08 Feb

Today I contributed my greatest addition to the advancement of the web and technology in general. It's called Comic Sans EVERYWHERE. It is an extension for chrome that allows you to see all of your favorite sites in your favorite font, Comic Sans. This is my contribution to the world. I hope you all enjoy it. Download it now

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Google+ is public, Facebook replies by pissing off their users

21 Sep

So yesterday Google+ went public, but they didn't catch facebook sleeping. Facebook saw it coming and had a brilliant response ready…

facebook is doing it wrong stabbing itself in the eye

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Get Facebook Access Token for Graph API

07 Jun

Facebook recently updated their Graph API to require an oAuth access token. Here is a quick guide that explains the easiest way to create an access token for your site.

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Simple jQuery script to automatically open external links in new window

05 Jun

Often times on sites it's useful to automatically have any external link open in a new window. This is a very simple solution that just overrides any link that starts with http:// or https:// and forces them to open in a new window. There are obviously other ways to accomplish this but this is the most simple method. This method consists of a simple jQuery function and forces external links to open in a new window. This is useful for any site with unpredictable content when you know you want external links to open in a new window.

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Easy way to load Facebook news feed through RSS / atom10

05 Jun

Until recently you could import your facebook news feed using a json feed available through the Facebook Graph API without needing to set up an oAuth token. Unfortunately, facebook pulled the rug out from under us all when they started requiring oAuth tokens on the basic graph API. This caused many sites to start receiving the following error: "OAuthException An access token is required to request this resource." Pretty annoying. I was ready to jump through facebook's hoops and create a facebook app dedicated to providing access to the news feed when I realized each page has an rss feed built right in. IMO it's not AS good as the data from the graph API but for most situations it will get the job done.

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Tofu is just dirt flavored Jello

31 May

Tofu Dirt Jello

Jello has really done it this time with their new dirt flavored jello aka tofu.

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Singing Weighted Companion Cube Duct Tape Wallet

12 May

Still scarred from having to burn my best friend alive I set out to create this weighted companion cube wallet completely out of duct tape. As an added bonus I included a voice chip so it plays the song from portal when opened.

Companion Cube Wallet

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