Unable to configure network interface / waiting for network configuration (Bitnami / VirtualBox)

26 Nov

I recently had my computer crash hard while my bitnami Ruby on Rails stack was running in VirtualBox. When I tried to start up the virtual machine again it said "waiting for network configuration" and hung for about a minute. Then it said "Continuing to wait for network configuration for another 60 seconds." Once the system started I noticed it didn't have a ip address assigned and if I typed ifconfig I only got the loopback interface (no network interface to speak of). Luckily, there was a simple fix for this, but it took me a little while to figure out so I figured I'd share it here in hopes others with the same problem will wind up here and I can save you some time.

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Hacking furniture – Turning a bookshelf in to a kitchen counter

07 Nov

They say that when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade. Well life handed me 4 bookshelves so I made a kitchen island. In our attempt to furnish our apartment as cheaply as possible we found a set of 4 tall, narrow bookshelves on craigslist for free with the caveat "Must take all 4." What we wanted was 2 bookshelves and an island counter, but we've had no luck finding a counter in the right dimensions. So we went and strapped the 4 bookshelves to the top of our Hyundai and brought them home. We figured we'd either find something to do with the other 2 or give them away to someone else. They are made of a material that is similar to a butcher block counter top so I decided to see if I could convert a bookshelf in to a counter. (spoiler: it worked).

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Weird javascript / cdata in e-mail fields on wordpress blog possible xss or injection

06 Nov

So I started noticing odd code in the e-mail fields of the comments on my wordpress blog recently and I was certain it was some sort of injection or cross site scripting attempt. It turns out it's not anything like that. It was just the email obfuscation feature of cloud flare. So if you're reading this because you are seeing similar on your wordpress blog in the e-mail fields of your comments and you're using Cloud Flare. Go to Cloud Flare and turn off E-mail address obfuscation under security settings. Problem solved.

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We built a bench (DIY upholstered bench)

06 Nov

Finding a large bench on a small budget is pretty hard. Seattle is great for having an abundance of free furniture on craigslist. In fact, we were able to almost entirely furnish our apartment for free. However, we couldn't find a bench that suited our needs. We wanted something that ran the full length of the window. It also needed to be open underneath because of the baseboard heater below the window.


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Eclipse No repository found at download.eclipse.org/tools/pdt

06 Nov

Recently I was trying to do some work on an android app in Eclipse and I hit a weird issue where I needed to update to Android SDK 22 or it wouldn't run, but when I tried to update I got an odd error. What was even more weird and frustrating was I got stuck in a weird loop in the preferences pane where it would tell me I had invalid data, but not tell me what invalid data and wouldn't let me click "apply" to change the data. After banging my head against the wall for a while I found a solution and I thought I'd share it here incase anyone else has this issue.


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Dirt cheap diy adjustable projector ceiling mount

22 Oct

I got a new projector a couple of days ago and I needed to get it mounted. My original idea was to put up a shelf and just set the projector on that, but I didn't want to sacrifice wall space. I looked at some adjustable ceiling mounts on Amazon, but most of them looked really cheap or were way to expensive (no middle ground). I had a cheap one for my last projector and I found myself needing to re-aim and re-focus the projector almost every time I used it. So I decided I could do better.

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Glass and water in 3D using Blender

08 Oct

I recently dove back in to the world of 3D. More accurately you could say I dipped my toe back in the pool. I'm really hoping to do a lot more in the future and get more in to Blender in the near future. To get started I followed a tutorial from Blender Guru and created these images.


The Oatmeal is Awesome Funny Junk sucks

12 Jun

So, a while ago one of my favorite web comics The Oatmeal wrote a comic about how funny junk steals peoples hard work and surrounds it in ads to make a quick profit. When I read that I thought they were ass holes.

To make matters worse funny junk now had the audacity to send Matt Inman (author of The Oatmeal) a letter demanding $20,000 because his comic supposedly damaged their business. His response was to raise $20,000 for charity and send funny junk a picture of the money before he donates it. Classic. Response to funny junk.

Part of the complaint was that The Oatmeal is stealing rankings from funny junk. Well I think they are assholes so I vote anyone with a blog, tumblr, web site, whatever… posts a link to one (or many) of the oatmeal comics about funny junk with the link text "Funny Junk" in the link text to make sure when people look for funny junk they find The Oatmeal first.


Comic Sans EVERYWHERE for chrome released

08 Feb

Today I contributed my greatest addition to the advancement of the web and technology in general. It's called Comic Sans EVERYWHERE. It is an extension for chrome that allows you to see all of your favorite sites in your favorite font, Comic Sans. This is my contribution to the world. I hope you all enjoy it. Download it now

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Google+ is public, Facebook replies by pissing off their users

21 Sep

So yesterday Google+ went public, but they didn't catch facebook sleeping. Facebook saw it coming and had a brilliant response ready…

facebook is doing it wrong stabbing itself in the eye

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